Increase Website Traffic by Guest Blogging

A powerful method for building traffic to your website is guest blogging. Creating blog posts that are published at other sites builds business at your website in a variety of ways. One of the most important benefits of guest blogging is the opportunity to create additional backlinks to your site. Backlinks to your website create value in the search engines and can help your site rank higher in their databases.

Another important reason for guest blogging is to create content that encourages the readers to visit your site. To accomplish this, you want to make sure your content offers valuable information that your traffic market would appreciate enough to want to learn more about you and what your website offers. This also serves to build trust and authority in your website as you establish yourself as an expert in whatever topic it is that you are guest blogging about.

An example of this is if you own a website that sells kitchen utensils. You might create a series of articles that talk about recipes or how to cook healthy dinners for your family (Of course mentioning particular kitchen utensils that you sell). Those would be perfect guest blog posts for family websites, recipe and cooking websites, or some other websites that talk about cooking. You want to target sites that compliment but do not directly compete with your site. Include a resource box at the bottom of the guest post telling the reader’s who you are and a link that points them to your website.

The resource box, or blurb about the author is a standard addition for any guest blogging activity. It is important to write a thoughtful blurb about yourself or your website along with the link to a page on your site. If you have a free item such as an eBook or report to offer, you could include that in the resource box to further entice visitors to come to your site.

Many busy website owners do not have time to create articles to increase website traffic by guest blogging. Outsourcing this task to professional copywriters offers a valuable return on investment. Make sure the copywriter(s) or article writer(s) that you hire know how to write articles that will appeal to your target market and the search engines. They should also know how to work keywords into articles for guest blogging is an important part of having content that will create the best response for your efforts.

Do you use guest blogging to increase traffic? Share tips for others that are just starting out with this process.