Article Marketing for Improving Online Business

With the new requirements of search engines to provide proof of relevance and importance in order to rank favorably on their search pages, article marketing is turning out to be a successful method for proving that your business is relevant and important enough to climb to the top spots available, especially when the articles you are marketing are focused around the keywords or keyword phrases your website uses, are compelling and high quality. The inbound links and social media activity based around these articles will help with SEO, there are a number of other benefits to be gained.

When you have articles submitted to the top article directories and other blogs that are complementary to your business you begin to create the image of being an expert of the topic your business is focused on. This will build trust for people to become more curious about your products so they will click through to your website to learn more.

Publishing articles in article directories typically get ranked much faster than if you post them on your own site. If the article is particularly timely or valuable, it will be shared and distributed to the point where it could go viral which will bring you a huge boost of traffic back to your site. It will also help create brand exposure which will save money from having to do additional advertising to reach the same type of goals.

Publishing an article at an article directory or other website besides your own will give you the opportunity to announce the new content on your social media and social bookmarking sites. This will serve as another opportunity for your target market to hear about your brand. Studies show that people need to be exposed to a new product or brand about seven times before they follow through with a purchase, so when you combine article marketing with other social media marketing and online advertising, it will be one more way for them to reach the total exposure they need in order to make the purchase.

Combining article marketing into the mix of your other marketing and advertising efforts can significantly boost your SEO rankings and gain the attention of potential customers. Whether you write the articles yourself or hire a freelance writer, make sure they are focused on the keyword or keyword phrases that are directly relevant to your site. Then announce when the article are published with links to them so your social media followers can read them and share them with their friends and colleagues.