Content You Need to Build Business

With the ever changing dynamics of what is needed to thrive in the online marketplace, the fact that content is king is not going to change in the foreseeable future. The trick is knowing what content is worth the time to create because content, for content’s sake will see that you quickly get ignored by the internet users being bombarded with content on a minute to minute basis. Here are some of the most important content types to stay focused on.

Anything that helps build trust for your brand is important content to share on your website and social media site. This includes testimonials from satisfied customers, valuable information that highlights your expertise in your business topic and reviews of your products and services. Offering valuable information by featuring tutorials or “how to” articles are some of the most popular ways for your target market to learn more about what you offer and set you apart as an expert.

Conversion content is another important content type. It gets overlooked because businesses are so leery on appearing overly promotional, which is not readily accepted. But the well designed sales page is an important part of being able to get sales coming in, not to mention calls to action in some of your other content pieces that could lead to conversions. While too much conversion content is not appropriate, not having any will not help you either.

Lead generating content is another type of content that will work out great no matter what sort of products or services you are selling. eBooks, white papers, reports or videos that you can give away in return for an email address will keep your sales funnel filled with people who are interested in what your business has to offer.

Finally, storytelling content is becoming more popular because people want to feel as if they know the business they are going to turn their credit card information over to. Blog posts, social media content and other types of articles that allow readers to feel as if they get an insider’s look into your business are all good ideas. Sharing information about yourself, your business and  your employers such as office parties, awards, even who is getting married or having a baby is all interesting facts that will help others feel as if they are familiar with your business.

Building trust, generating conversions and leads, and sharing your brand story are the top four types of content you can offer. When you consistently offer these content types you will see an increase in engagement at your site and social media sites. It will only be a matter of time after that and you’ll notice an increase in your conversions and search engine rankings as well.