Creating Content on a Whole Business Basis

Knowing that content is King of successful online marketing, many companies have their marketing departments scrambling around in a never ending search for great content. While this is a part of all marketers’ jobs, if you are only utilizing your marketing staff, you may be missing out on a large supply of valuable content. Looking outside of the marketing department can keep relevant, informative and valuable content flowing into your site for improved search engine optimization and social media marketing success.

One department many businesses don’t look into for content is their customer experience services. There are many common questions that customers make on a regular basis about your products and services that could be collected and made into great content. Creating a FAQS page, video “how tos”, or articles answering the most asked questions can skyrocket the traffic and engagement on your website.

Having an area for press releases and media resources from the PR department is another valuable source for content that many businesses forget about when they create their sites. Not only do the media become interested in this information, but the general public likes to keep up with the latest news as well and providing it at your site is a service to them.

The recruiting department is another area to look for content. So many people are looking for work and even if you use freelancers, consider posting job information and how to submit a resume or bid for work at your site. This will help you get attention from job sites as well as customers who are also looking for a change in careers.

After you have gone through every department in your business to find out what additional content can be used for your website, make sure it is created in a way that is search engine friendly. This means researching the best keywords for each content type and writing in a way that will help others find the content easily. Most people in other departments of your business may not understand how to write that way, so handing the content over to an experienced web writer, in or outside of our business will make sure it is the best it can be for your site and social media marketing efforts.

Finally, make sure all that content is created in a customer focused way and not a promotional way. Customers want to feel as if you are solving their problems and offering them content that is valuable. Save the promotions for sales, contests and other events.