Effective Content Development for Online Success

In the quest of writing unique content, many great content pieces are getting tossed out simply because it seems that there is all ready a million content pieces online that address the same topic. Not addressing a topic, just because you think it has been overdone is a mistake though. Some of the reasons content gets overdone is because people cannot get enough of that particular content, and writers are not getting creative enough in offering the topic in a unique way.

What this means for you is that even if a topic seems to have been brought up a million times, that is exactly why you should address it. If it wasn’t popular, then chances are you would not find so much content about it. To be truly successful with topics that get heavy publication, brining a unique twist to it will help you stand out in the crowd. For example “How to Bake Cookies” sounds like a relevant content title for how to bake cookies, and millions of people search on the internet every day for baking ideas. But “How to Bake Cookies” is not only a boring title, it will never be found in the search engines because there are all ready millions of content pieces with the title “How to Bake Cookies”.

To be more unique, find something that will stand out “Martha Steward Cried When I Baked These Cookies” is sure to get more attention. Just make sure that the title will be completely relevant to your content, such as having a sentence such as “Here is a recipe for cookies that are so delicious and easy that Martha Stewart would cry with joy if she tasted them.”

Another part of writing unique content is remembering that your target market has specific personalities. Defining the age group, unique characteristics and other defining factors of your target market will help you create a tone that is unique and appealing for them. If your products and services appeal to the 25 to 40 year old crowd, that loves to go to rock and roll concerts, then talking to them in that language will stand out more than generic “general public” language will. For them “These Killer Cookies will Rock the House” might be an exciting title for “How to Bake Cookies”.

Find some of the most published topics available in your industry and start to put your own unique twist on them. Remember to use a personalized tone for your target market. You will be surprised how information that seemed “overdone” to you can become extremely popular when you know how to present it in fresh new ways.