How Images and Video Influence Purchasing Behavior

If you are wondering how to increase your online business profits, then understanding how images and video influence purchasing behavior is a critical aspect of gaining an edge on your competition. While written content is crucial, people need a more holistic experience of products and services. Even the most descriptive phrasing can’t take place of the visual stimulation that images and videos provide. They offer the full experience a consumer needs in order to make a buying decision. They are so important that testing has shown some products and services can’t sell well without them. Other online businesses have shown a 35% increase in their conversion rates when they started using multimedia with their social media marketing, landing pages and blogs to set a stunning example of their importance to online sales efforts.

What type of multimedia mix will benefit your business most depends on your industry. If you sell products, offering potential customers the feeling that they can completely experience your products with crisp images, compelling videos and 360 degree views will be the best. Videos demonstrating products in action are a huge hit that will appeal to customers in order to increase your conversion rates. You don’t need a huge budge to create compelling videos and images today either which makes creating the best images and videos a cost effective effort.

If your online business sells services, it can be challenging to translate those services into a more visual aspect, but it is still important to offer potential customers images and videos in order to prompt them to continue through the sales channel. Short, compelling videos about the services you are selling are always a popular choice. Images can include infographics, happy people enjoying the benefits your services offer and other types of visual representation will help increase conversion rates.

One of the best ways to use images and videos in order to influence purchasing behavior is to include them in your online marketing efforts. Producing a YouTube video, embedding it along with an engaging article at your site, and then sharing it to your social media sites give you the opportunity to create exposure for your brand and the products or services you sell. When you have the additional exposure and know that people are much more likely to stop and look at an image or video, you will have a much better chance of getting the attention your business needs in order to encourage others to learn more about what your business offers.