How to Use Pinterest for Online Marketing

Learning how to use Pinterest for online marketing will give you a brand new social media to market from that is based on visually stimulating images and videos. Pinterest is a new social sharing website where users create theme-based image collections and videos. While this is a new social media site, it already has about 12 million users, so the growth rate is set to quickly exceeding many of the other social media sites.

Pinterest is another traffic driving medium for your site that has unique aspects built in the vision board-styled pages. If you have an image or video that is liked enough to be pinned and repined, it can create tens of thousands of visitors to your site, from one single image. Some online marketers have compared Pinterest to Stumbleupon, but it seems to offer a more measurable traffic growth rate than Stumbleupon or other similar social bookmarking sites.

Pinterest is used in a variety of ways. It is used for planning trips, home decorating, recipe collections or even fashion finds. The whole idea behind it is how visual it is. It is also recommended that you pin from a variety of image sources other than your own. So, if you think just posting your products on it will work, then Pinterest will probably do as well for you. If you think of posting about what your product can do for other people, then there is an opportunity to succeed in using this site for marketing purposes. For example, if you own an online shoe store, instead of just posting images of the shoes you sell, post high quality, images of people doing interesting things, wearing those shoes.

Pinterest is a great medium to run a contest. Let people pin pictures of themselves using your products, the picture that gets re-pinned, or liked the most wins. This can be a great way to get activity going and you can tweet about the contest as images come in.

Make sure you use the “Follow me on Pinterest” on your own website and add the “Pin It” Button to encourage people to pin content from your website to their own Pinterest accounts. Add Pinterest into your social marketing calendar and try to stay active on it as you continue your activity on other sites. This will become a more important social media site to market on. Get started on it now to beat the competition.