Increase Site Visitors with Quality Over Quantity

Today’s web surfers are getting more sophisticated and this demands an approach that goes above and beyond what was acceptable even last year to keep visitors pouring into you website. Unfortunately many websites are doing nothing more but adding more and more content thinking that since “Content is King” then the most is best. In reality, it’s the quality that is best and improving on what you have might help you win the day. Making adjustments on what is all ready there could give you a significant improvement in your site’s popularity and refreshing old content should be a regular activity.

One of the most important things you can do to your website to attract more visitors and to increase your popularity in the search engines is to de-optimize it. In the past, adding a heavy dose of keywords was the best practice, but today you can get penalized for it in the search engines. Plus if you read through it yourself, you will see it is annoying at best, and a blatant attempt at search engine manipulation at worst. Would you want to read your own content under those circumstances? Probably not. Of course you do need keywords, but think of adding them lightly, less than 3% of total content, and make sure they are built in a way that reads well. Also, add texture to your content. Studies have found that people don’t like to read lengthy web pages. If you have an article that is more than 500 words long, consider making into a downloadable white paper, or create a short but compelling eBook to give away for free.

Next take a look at your images. The web is becoming more visual and shoddy images are going to make your business look shoddy. Replace old images with high resolution images that look appealing to whoever stumbles upon them. This alone can give your website a much needed boost in how many visitors will enjoy sharing your site with others. As you know, when someone else shares your site, the traffic is almost guaranteed. Also, while you are updating pictures, double check to make sure they are named in a way that will attract the search engines.

When you have gone through what you have on your site and made sure that it is up to standards with today’s demands, then you can add new content that is more likely to help draw in new visitors. In the meantime, work with what you have to make sure what you are representing at your website shows off the best image for your business. Today’s web surfers expect no less.