Organize Your Business Social Media Marketing Efforts

With so many social media sites and things to do to create effective campaigns, it is important to organize your business social media marketing efforts. It can become overwhelming for any small business to start effectively utilizing the top social media sites. Important activities could get left out costing success that could have otherwise made a difference in your overall marketing efforts. Worse yet, your customers could quickly pick up on the fact that your business is not as professional as it could be in regard to remaining responsive on their social media sites. That is a sure way to lose fans and followers.

The most seamless way to keep your social media marketing efforts organized is to integrate them with each other as much as possible. Have your website automatically update to each of your social media sites anytime there is a new article, blog post or press release to announce at your social media sites. That will cut down on having to go to each site to post your latest information.

Have all your social media marketing sites directed to one email address that will notify you anytime there is activity that might require your response. This will keep you from having to continually check multiple places to see if there was a customer that needs an answer or conversation to keep flowing. Having a central email address that multiple staff members can all have access to will help. For example receives email from Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media sites that your business is active in. Ideally this will be an email that can be checked from multiple locations so that you or staff members can respond after hours or during business vacations.

Creating a content calendar will also help organize your business social media marketing efforts. Have strategy meetings to plan your content a month in advance. This includes blog posts or if your business will produce videos. Polls, questions, contests, promotional activities, or any other activity can be planned and added to the calendar. Spontaneous posts about current news or other tidbits do not need to be on a calendar, but the major activities should be planned in advance.

With integration, unified access to social media updates including when someone posts or comments on your social media site, and planning your activities will organize your business social media marketing efforts will make it a seamless process to stay successful in all social media sites. This will save time for you and your staff, help you stay on top of all the social network activity, and keep followers and fans engaged at your social media sites.