Search Engine Optimization for Images

When many online businesses are hard at work, they forget that the images that are uploaded to their website and social media sites also need specific search engine optimization strategies incorporated in them in order to fully optimize their sites. With sites such as Pinterest and other image sites, offering high quality images as part of your overall content efforts is more important than ever. Knowing how to handle them in order to enhance search engine optimization is part of the benefits for your online presence of using those images.

The first most important thing to consider about an image is what to name it in order to help it offer keyword density. If your site is about pet supplies and you are creating an article using the keywords “Dog Training is Easier than You Think”, then naming your image the same or at least “Dog Training” is going to make sure it is properly named. From that point if your backend offers image descriptions, then adding the same name to that will be the next step you want to take. You can also include captions, tags or other particulars to images that give you opportunities to use the keywords or keyword phrases to complement the page the image will be uploaded to.

The next part of using images to help enhance the search engine optimization for your site is to create folder structures for your images that also directly point back to important keywords and keyword phrases you use on the pages of your site. For “Dog Training”, having a folder called “Do Training” with images that complement that keyword would be ideal. This goes for product images as well. Naming folder structures to be relevant to the category of the products will help. For example, if you sell a collection of dog toys and your category is named “Dog Toys”, then it would make sense to also name the folder “Dog Toys” and then you can add images of the specific dog toy products that you feature on your site.

When you upload an image to your website and it is saved with the proper name and in the proper file with relevant descriptions or tags, the search engines will pick up on them when they spyder for the particular keywords you have used. This will help increase your weight as a relevant and high quality site in the engines and you will notice an increase in your rankings.