Social Sharing to Increase Website Traffic

Making sales or generating leads on the internet depends on getting people to your website and there is no better way to get them there other than social sharing. While advertising can be effective, social sharing establishes trust faster than advertising. With added trust, people are more apt to follow through to register or purchase your products and services. For social sharing to be successful, you want to make sure the content on your website is sharable to the social media sites your business is involved with.

One way to make your content more sharable is to identify your most popular web pages and keywords with your own analytic reporting software of through Google analytics. You will notice the most popular keywords that are being used to find your site, which pages visitors spend the most time on and if they share it with their own social media sites. Using that content to share, or creating similar content that contain the same keywords or elements that make that page so popular will help you gain further popularity and more shareable content.

Another way to leverage your content on your website is evaluate new content pieces for how shareable they will be. If they bring value and entertainment they are more likely to be shared by others. Also, people like to share things that help define themselves to others. For example, if your website sell golf supplies, an avid golfer may share your content because they like to portray their interest in golf.

The most important part of your content is the headline. Making sure that is sharable will increase the chances of it being shared and viewed significantly more than if the headline doesn’t immediately catch other’s attention. Elements to include in the headline include making sure to note why it is valuable, what others can expect to gain from taking their time to view it, why it is unique, and why they should view the content now. The rule of thumb is to make sure the headline captures attention within three seconds, so keeping it concise and including the most important elements will increase the success of it gaining viewers for the rest of the content piece.

When you have the most popular elements and keywords put together in the most shareable content pieces, and have a compelling headline, you are ready to share it with your social sites. The best content on social sites will get reshared by others, liked, commented on, and best yet, people will follow through to visit your website.