Socially Driven Web Presence for Best Business Building

Turning your website into a social destination is the number one thing you can do to build your business on the internet. The days of building a website and doing nothing more than announcing your mission statement and maybe updating a product now and then are over. People need to feel a social connection with your brand and recreating your website to offer that experience for customers and potential customers is well worth the return on investment. The biggest brands have a head start on this new way of marketing and they are proving that socially optimized websites are decreasing lead generation costs while increasing brand exposure, reach and ROI. For an additional bonus adding videos into the mix is shown to increase conversions by 20%.

The best way to socially optimize your website is to create it to run as seamlessly as possible with the most popular social media sites. Adding the ability to login to your site via Facebook or Twitter, Like, Share and Comment from your site that will show up on the social media sites will not only keep people engaged, but for every Like, Share or Comment that is generated at your site, it shows up on the social network sites in a way that is like free marketing and because it is word of mouth marketing it is trusted hands down more than traditional advertising.

When your target market finds you and sees that you are highly active in social media, you immediately build trust because they can see firsthand that you are interested in more than just advertising and selling your products. You can create your business to be an expert in the topic of the products or services you sell in ways that having a website alone can’t accomplish. Also, because the search engine algorithms rank sites on relevance and importance, the social proof that is created by having a robust social media marketing plan in place for your business can help you rank higher in the search pages which gains even more success in regard to traffic, brand exposure and building trust for new customers to offer their payment information.

The two most important things you can persist in when working on socially optimizing your web presence is consistency and keeping an eye on analytics. Posting, commenting and engaging with followers and then reviewing the analytics to see what your target market is responding to the most can help you create the best environment to succeed in social media marketing.