Spread the Rumor

Most people check for their news and weather each day, and a lot of them do it on their computers.  If they have something they are particularly interested in, like a hobby or industry news, they check press release sites to see the latest buzz.  In going to those sites, they see the latest news and tidbits of information that keeps them informed, and allows them to visit the web sites of the businesses they are interested in.  If you are not found there, you could be missing out on a piece your target audience.

Sending out press releases to different sites not only informs people of your products, but different sites link with each other, letting your press release get published in several different places with only one submission.  Not only are you getting your business out there, but most sites include a link back to YOUR site, bringing in web traffic.  If you have some good content in the press release as well as on your site, you can increase your sales volume significantly.

There are a lot of PR sites to choose from, so choose one that allows a link back to your site as well as a feed to other PR sites in order to get the most out of your press releases.  Each time you have an important business event, be sure to submit a PR so that everyone knows your big news.  Not only do PR sites love to have your submissions, but other sites will read your news and may pass it on through their sites.  Your news gets to be like a rumor, spreading quietly through many channels, making people curious enough to visit your site and purchase your products.  So let those whispers spread.  In the marketing world, they can be the best publicity you can find.

Post your whispers here, telling us your experiences with PR sites and the spread of your business “rumors.”  It’s a sure bet that there are some great stories out there to share.