These Lesser Known SEO Tips Can Create Great Results for Your Business

Everyone knows that SEO is one of the most important tasks that can be done to make sure their website is found by potential customers. Search engine ranking can mean the difference between success in online sales, or remaining invisible. What is also common knowledge is the importance of keywords in SEO best practices. Here are some lesser known SEO tips that can create great results for your business.

One quick and easy way to help SEO efforts is to include Meta Descriptions on every page of your website. Meta Descriptions are the snippets that are used in search results that give a quick blurb about the page. This is not an area to list a bunch of keywords that make no sense. Instead, create a clear and compelling statement about how beneficial the page is. Do include main keywords, and more importantly, a call to action. For example, if you are creating a page that includes tips to sell a home you might create a Meta description that reads “Learn the best way to sell your home fast.”

Another way to help boost SEO results significantly is to put non www pages to www redirects in place. There are quite a few websites that load with and without the www in the URL. What happens with this is a duplication of your site and duplicate content is highly frowned on by the search engines. To avoid being penalized, use a 301 redirect to every duplicate page to the version you want to gain the optimization for.

Incorporating the right social media sharing buttons is another important way to help boost SEO efforts. The right social media buttons are going to be the social media sites that are the most popular for your target market. Obviously Facebook and Twitter are safe bets whether you are B2B or B2C, but LinkedIn might not be appropriate for your skateboard shop, the same as Tumblr might not be appropriate for your accounting firm. Do the research to find out what social media sites are preferred by your specific market and add those. Remember to add social bookmarking buttons too such as StumbleUpon or Delicious.

Just by updating your Meta descriptions on each page of your website, redirecting any duplicate pages to their proper match and incorporating the right social sharing buttons you could significantly increase your SEO results. Of course there is more you can do if you are serious about reaching the highest ranking for your site. Come back often to learn more tips about SEO and social media marketing to build your business and stay ahead of the online competition.