Use Content Marketing to Connect With Your Customers

Social media marketing becomes more successful when you use content marketing to connect with your customers. The most successful content marketing requires more than publishing content that does little to educate or entertain customers and potential customers. Content marketing that is compelling and will develop relationships with your customer’s means creating the best quality content possible.

The most successful content marketers have a scientific approach to creating content that has the appropriate mix that will appeal to developing relationships, educating potential customers about your products or services and offering valuable information to keep engagement levels high. In order to capitalize on this scientific approach, you want to plan in advance. Using a content calendar that outlines what sort of posts will be posted on what days, along with reminders where you are posting will keep your content in line with success and help with conversion rates.

To create your calendar, choose a total number of posts that will be ideal. You may post more than that, especially if breaking news about your industry happens, but choose a minimal number, say 100 posts. Out of those posts, 5% of them should be content that directs readers to affiliate promotions or to a sales page for promotions and sales that your customers would be interested in. Next, choose up to 15% of your content that will build relationships with other businesses. This includes posting links to their content that would be specifically interesting to your customers, but not in direct competition with your products or services.

The next percentage you want to plan on your content calendar is for about 15% of the content to be high value articles or blog posts. The high value articles of blog posts will take the longest amount of time to formulate and should be about 400 words, or a YouTube video with a 300 word article to go with it. About another 15% of your content should be posts that are used to create an emotional connection with your customers. Entertaining or even more personal (While still professional) posts could be used for this. This leaves the rest of the content to be posts that include valuable tips or information that readers can use quickly. For example, if you sell kitchen cutlery, posting a quick kitchen tip would be valuable.

When you create a content calendar and use content marketing to connect with your customers with the right percentages of marketing, entertainment, valuable content, talking about other sites and quick tips you will see that engagement goes up considerably at your site and social media sites. You will also see your conversion rate begins to go up as well. Remember to keep an eye on the analytics so you can adjust and readjust for your own target market.