New Ways to Raise Conversion Rates

At the end of the day the bottom line of determining your online success is by how many sales came in. Despite all the social media marketing and search engine optimization you can, and should do, the proof of how your business is growing gets nailed down to the question if people end up buying from your site or not. That is why it is so important to not only integrate social media marketing and search engine optimization into your marketing process, but you must do everything possible to create higher conversion rates for those that do end up engaging at your website.

The most important thing you can do to increase the amount of sales your website helps pull in is to instill purchasing confidence. In order to do this, you need proof that people are buying and happy with what they are buying from your website. Testimonials help a lot with this, but allowing social network options of letting all users add their own reviews and testimonials from their own profiles gives further proof than your webmaster adding testimonials that could have a made up name listed on them. When site visitors can click through to someone else’s social media profile and see they are a real person, it gives them added confidence that the good reviews and testimonials that are coming in are from real people.

Another way to increase conversion rates is to provide search alternatives that show all products in each category, instead of eliminating them due to parameters set by the visitor. For example, if you allow visitors to search by price options, there could be the perfect product for them that is only one or two dollars more or less than what the option would have shown them. Instead, if you allow them to sort by price, then all products will show up and they won’t miss out on something that could have made a sale for your website and made a happy customer since there were able to purchase what they wanted.

Also, make sure products are well presented with complete specs and descriptions. People want to know everything about what they are buying before they buy it and enhanced product descriptions will allow them to do that. This will give them additional confidence that you offer exactly what they are looking for. Even if it is a top name brand and you expect someone would know what it is, they can’t be sure unless they have a description to back it up.

When you offer purchasing confidence, easy to scroll through products with great product descriptions, you are sure to have a higher conversion rate than if you did not take the time to make the effort. Then your social media marketing and search engine optimization practices will have a higher return on investment. You will see increased sales and customers will be more apt to suggest your website to their friends to get even more sales.