Best Practices for the New Twitter Profile

If your business uses Twitter for social media and marketing and engagement, you will notice that it has recently been updated and looks quite a bit different; in fact it might even remind you more of the Facebook Timeline than the Twitter you are used to. But Twitter changed their accounts to allow for better story telling. What that means for your business is that you can create a Twitter profile page that will act as a welcome page for potential customers and other’s finding your brand on Twitter.

The most obvious change to the Twitter profile is the new profile header image. While this image initially looks similar to the Facebook Timeline header image, it is different because it is more of a background image. In the forefront of this larger image your profile image, username, Twitter account name, Twitter bio, location and website link will be displayed. You can also add other text to the header image including your email, special offers, time sensitive information, announcements or hashtags.

The Photo stream has also been changed and this will become apparent after you activate your profile header. What this allows is six thumbnails instead of the previous four and an increased size of these thumbnails. If you have been using images to your tweets, this area may all ready be full; otherwise you will see a blank space where our photo stream would be. If this is the case, consider adding images because those can capture Twitter user’s attention so you may further engage with them. This area updates as you Tweet new images, so it’s a good idea to make sure and Tweet relevant and eye catching images often to keep your profile looking fresh.

The new Twitter header and thumbnail updates show up on both web and mobile devices. This is good to keep in mind when designing your header image in particular. On iPhones and other mobile apps, the Twitter header will show up on two different screens. If your header is not yet activated, it will just show up as a grey background which is not very appealing for users.

Updating your business Twitter profile by creating a header image that will become an attractive background for your business information, adding thumbnail images and designing with both the web and mobile user in mind will keep your company looking up to date to stay engaged with Twitter followers. Make sure to run analytics on your Twitter efforts to review the progress you are making. Since Twitter is one of the top social media sites, your efforts will bring a great return on the investment of your time and focus.