Improve Conversion Rates by Avoiding these Common Landing Page Mistakes

Your website landing page is the most important tool you have for converting visitors to leads or sales, but many online businesses are failing to generate the highest potential of success due to common landing page mistakes. When you can avoid these mistakes, your conversion rates can skyrocket to new heights of growth for your objectives of getting more leads or increasing sales. Read through this list to make sure you correct any mistakes that are keeping your conversion rates low.

1. Too much text. People don’t like to read a lengthy sales page and while you can have an abundant amount of information, it is how you break it up that will determine if your visitors will hang around to read it long enough or not. It’s proven that a bulk of text that is not broken up with images, bulleted points or lists will be ignored. On the other hand, if you use visually appealing ways to get through the information quickly, including immediate ways to scroll through to find information a visitor really wants to get to, such as product benefits, will help you quickly increase the rate of success.

2. Difficult navigation. Navigation to your landing page should be easily pointed out throughout your entire website with buttons such as “Learn More Here” or other calls to action that will lead a visitor to the landing page. Once they are on the landing page, there needs to be a clear and concise message that leads them to the form fields for them to know what they are supposed to do to learn more about your products or continue through the checkout process.

3. Cumbersome Form Fields are another reason your landing page might not be converting as well as you would like it to. It should be clear and quick to fill. Also make sure you don’t use words such as “register” or “subscribe” when trying to break the ice with new customers. Both of those words ask for too much of a commitment. “go”, or “click here” are proven to get better results.

When you break your sales page up into an attractive, easy to read page with easy navigation and have an easy form to fill out, your conversion rates will be much higher. These three tips will help you avoid the most common errors that are made with landing pages. Adding a video and a great headline are both great ways to also help create a better producing landing page for your online business.