Backlink Your Way to a Good PR

There are a lot of internet marketers that don’t realize the value of backlinks in getting a good page rank (PR) on the search engine results pages (SERPs).  In fact, some of you have no idea what backlinks are.  And if you do know what they are, do you know how to build them, or why you should?

Backlinks, simply put, are incoming links to your web site from another web site.  Think of them like city streets, with the biggest attraction being in the center of the city.  The streets, being connected to each other creates a path for people to get to that attraction.  That attraction is your website, and those streets are the backlinks.  Different people link to your site for the content it contains, or for your products and services.  You, in turn link to someone else’s site for the same reason.  This builds those city streets that lead people to the information they search for in the search engines, with the most popular sites showing in the first few pages.  If you have good quality sites linking to yours, your PR will go up.

Some people say that any backlink is a good one, but if sites that are not related to your content are linking to you, your PR could go down.  The same is true if you are linking to unrelated sites.  In building your backlinks, visit different sites within your niche and leave comments on the content and include your link.  But be careful in writing your comment.  Don’t just write “Great post” and put in an ad and a link.  Most often, comments such as those are deleted and you lose the chance for quality backlinks.

In addition to posting comments on other sites, you can submit articles or other content to different sites, and include your web site information.  There are also other ways to build backlinks, and if you know of some great ones, please share them here.