B2B Marketing with Twitter

Twitter is one of the top social media sites for marketing, yet many businesses still aren’t sure quite how to utilize it in order to optimize their B2B marketing. The first thing to do is to make sure your Twitter business profile is set up accordingly, using your branding image and specific keywords. Next is to search and add followers that are complimentary to your business or will have the most amount of your target market interested in those topics as well. Inviting current customers to become Twitter followers is another way to help build your following and keep your marketing endeavors strong through this particular site.

Mix in about 15% of twitter posts to include offers that will direct potential customers back to your site. While your followers will not want to feel that you are advertising, make sure that 15% of the posts that you do designate for direct marketing has promotional value. Then, use the rest of your twitter posts to offer great information, share industry news or otherwise engage with your followers in a way that will inform them of incidentals that they will feel are worth the time to read. Because you are business to business, make sure to avoid over posting with items such as quotes, jokes or other popular Twitter posts just for the sake of a post because your target market is not going to appreciate having their time wasted with posts that fail to add quality to their workday since they probably all ready have to scroll through so many of those from other accounts they follow.

Consider posting the same links on Twitter twice a day in order to test their effectiveness. For example, post early in the morning and then later on during the workday to see when your target market is most apt to act on clicking through any links you add or retweeting what you’ve posted. This alone can help boost your conversion rate significantly because even though the popular trend to get professional’s attention is between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., your particular target market might check their Twitter feeds earlier or later.

When you are keeping the 15% marketing goal in consideration and testing for different times of the day, you should know some improvement in the effectiveness of your B2B marketing on Twitter. You can also consider using Hashtags that you think your target market would most likely search on. A hashtag uses the # symbol and then the keyword. For example #Social Metrics Pro.