Combine Online and Offline Marketing Strategies for Best Success

While the internet is exploding, businesses are focusing on online marketing strategies including social media marketing, online advertising and search engine optimization tactics. It is crucial for businesses to make sure they have a firm online presence. Offline marketing is still important to pursue, and knowing how to combine marketing efforts that will complement online efforts will create a more robust marketing plan. Using offline marketing to encourage people to become engaged with your online marketing can create increased engagement which will enhance all of your online efforts. It will also help customers have multiple ways of staying up to date on your business.

The most important part of combining online and offline marketing strategies is to keep a consistent branding image. This will allow customers and prospects to familiarize themselves with your business brand. If they see your logo and other branding identity materials often enough, they will begin to feel as if they know your business. People are more apt to do business with who they know. A great example of this is Nike. Everyone is familiar with the Nike “Just do it” logo along with the famous Nike checkmark. If Nike creates online or offline marketing using those branding materials, people see it immediately and have come to know Nike as a top name brand. Many other top name brands have become familiar in this way and a great deal of their success is in the simple fact that people know who they are.

While you are keeping your branding materials consistent to enhance online and offline marketing efforts, you want to create a clear call to action. Offline marketing can be as easy as including a QR code so that people with smart phones can immediately download discounts and information about your business’s website, Twitter account or Facebook account. You can compliment that with online discounts that follow the same theme. Or, you can include a call to action that allows customers or prospects to easily enter online contests. In this way, your business can create a comprehensive set of followers or email list to further market to interested customers or prospects.

The more customers and prospects see your online and offline marketing, the more encouraged they will be to take action. You will find that more people will begin to ask for more information, or begin purchasing your products or services. When you combine online and offline marketing strategies for best success, you will reach a wider audience that you can continue to market to by asking them to visit your business website, Twitter account or Facebook account.