Content Creation that Works

By now every business hoping to succeed online knows that content is the most important part of keeping customers engaged, and drawing interest from potential customers. Knowing how to publish content creation that works is something that many online businesses are struggling with. Most of the struggle is because they are not sure how to create it in a way that is going to keep their target market’s attention long enough to get to the call to action. There is an easy four step formula you can use for your online content creation that will help your online marketing content become successful if you follow it the right way for your business.

The first step in this process is to state a problem and how your business products or services can resolve it for your target market. For example “Are you paying too much for hair care products? ABC Hair Care offers discounts up to 80$% off everyday prices for your favorite name brands.” People buy things because they solve a problem for them, so state the problem and how you can solve it in a way that will catch potential customer’s attention in less than five seconds.

After you have caught their attention, you have to let them know what your products or services will do for them.  In the example above, it would be effective to let potential customer’s know that their hair will be healthy and shiny and everyone will notice how great they look, at a fraction of the cost. Remember your content needs to appeal to people’s emotions as well as their logic, so create content that contains emotional and mental engagement.

After you have told people what your products or services can solve for them, and what they can do, talk more about them and who you are. People buy from businesses they feel familiar with and this will give them that sense of familiarity. With the same example, stating “ABC Hair Care offers top name brands like Brand A, B and C for 80% off discount drug store prices, and whatever else you feel is relevant that will be interesting for potential customers to know.

The last step includes telling potential customer’s what to do next. For the ABC Hair Care company’s content, saying “Order your hair care products today” may be enough to encourage people who want top name brand hair care products at low prices to buy them. For your products or services it might be something else. Remembering to tell people what you solve, what it will do for them, who your business is, and a call to action will include all the elements you will need for content creation that works.