Content Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Combining a strong content strategy with your social media marketing is one way to gain exposure and keep followers interested. Unfortunately, many online businesses become boring fast because they continue to release the same sort of content to the same audience. To keep that from happening to your online business, make sure you mix up the content that you create to keep followers on their toes to see what will come next.

Producing interesting content becomes easier when you have a variety of different types of content that you can post. Posting images along with the content will further increase the interest and you will notice that your followers stay more engaged. While each online industry may find that some content pieces work better for them than others, keeping as large of a collection of content types is going to keep your business come across as more dynamic and exciting.

Testimonials and Case Studies are two content pieces that will work for any online business whether you sell products or services. Ideally, have customers submit testimonials, as a written piece or a video because these will come across as more authentic than just posting their quotes on your own. Case Studies can be about anything surrounding you offerings that would be interesting to your potential customers, especially if you use current customers to base your case studies on. Statistics work the same way and are an engaging way to keep followers interested, especially if they are involved in some way.

Interviews with people in your industry, or experts that your target market would love to hear from are exciting content pieces that can be in written format or video. For example, if you sell pet supplies, interviewing a veterinarian on the best way to keep your pets teeth clean could be a big hit. How to articles, tips and tricks, or even articles about how your product or service helped someone in a unique or unusual way are other content pieces that have proven their popularity.

When you combine testimonials, case studies and interviews with other content pieces such as “How to’s”, “Tips and Tricks” or other content pieces your followers will stay interested in what you have to say because you aren’t just using the same boring content format over and over again. When they stay more interested, they are more likely to turn into paying customers, and share your content with friends who could also become paying customers.