Create the Most Successful Call to Action

Do you know a significant percentage of your social media followers never buy from you, simply because you give them no reason to? While you don’t want to “advertise” to your followers, and marketing should be kept discreet and only on occasion, asking people to purchase your products is a great deal of the reason you are online in the first place. It just makes sense to ask people to buy and creating the most successful call to action when you do ask them to buy will help you boost your conversion rates to impressive levels. Also, because you should rarely ask your social media followers to buy anything from you, when you do you really want to make it count which makes it even more vital to have a great call to action.

The first thing that needs to be considered when writing a call to action is to get immediate attention from your followers, otherwise you will get lost in the fray of a million other posts per week that your followers are trying to keep up on. The next part of it is to make sure you do not come across as blatantly advertising, which is a big no-no on your social media sites. Publishing a post that says, “Buy Today” will definitely sound like an advertisement so come up with some just as compelling, but in a more discreet way. Instead, think of announcing the call to action as an opportunity instead of an ad, “Just for my Facebook Friends” could be the leading line.

Along with making a call to action that does not sound like an ad, create a sense of urgency. If you do not get people to act right away, the chances of them acting later are slim to none. You might use “The first five people to order get entered to win”, then make sure that you mention what they are winning. Many times giving away something for free can be inexpensive, like a free ebook or some other small token, gas cards seem to go very well even if they are only for five or ten dollars.

Finally, be direct and clear because you only have about three seconds to get your point across. “We Love Our Facebook Followers and the First Five to Order our new product gets a free gas card”, or “Facebook Follower Appreciation, 25% off everything until 4:00 today, just put “Like” in the Coupon Code” will bring you a great deal more success than “Buy Our Stuff” will.