Create Value in Internet Marketing

There is still a big debate over exactly what internet marketing is. In the minds of most people it is the big push with search engine optimization (SEO) in order to get your web site noticed. Although this is in essence a large part of internet marketing, it is not the “say all, do all” of the process. Having people see your web site is not enough to make it worth all of your SEO efforts if you are not getting a return on your investment.

Google gave some good advice to internet marketers when they said, “Ask yourself what creates value for your users.” Your web site is useless if the people that visit it do not find anything worth seeing. You can use all of the SEO techniques there are, but if your site is perceived to be a “fluff” site with no real content, you still will not be ranked in the top of the search engine results pages. The search page ratings for sites like Google are now based on the popularity of your site and whether people find it to useful, entertaining, or relevant to the information they are searching for. It is in the quality of your content, and not the quantity of it that will get you up in the rankings and keep you there.

You have to look at the bigger picture in your internet marketing efforts. Your site, blogs, articles, press releases, and even your social media connections like Twitter and Facebook are all inter-related. If you have weak or bad content in one place, and good content in another, you still will not see the results you want. You have to give your attention to every facet of your marketing strategy, and create the value that users are looking for.

Your comments on this subject are always welcomed, especially if you have some good tips and hints in making the most of internet marketing.