Creative Content to Boost Your Online Marketing Efforts

When it comes to marketing online everything leads back to your website and if you don’t have stellar content, you are not going to hold the attention of potential customers in order to increase your conversion rates. While written text is important to search engine optimization, people browsing the web typically don’t want to read through as much as they used to. Videos are now the hottest content style and have shown to be 5.33% more effective than text, but using all video content is also not the best idea. Instead, creating a variety of content types will help your business reach its highest potential for online marketing success.

Comics and cartoons are content types are a big hit. They are quick and easy to read, eye catching to draw immediate attention and shareable. What that means is that people will be more apt to share comics and cartoons with their friends and followers which could create significant marketing value for your website. In fact any type of visualization is going to be much more powerful than article only type of content. Visual content can include rich images, graphs, infographics or just about any other item that draws the eye of visitors and encourages them to stick around on your site to learn more.

Memes are a popular and highly sharable content piece. These are items that are highly popular cultural symbols or social statements. Examples include LOLCats, “Ask a Ninja” or just about anything having to do with Chuck Norris. Creating your own meme that is industry related could catch on like wild fire for those involved in your industry type.

Livestream vides are also highly popular content pieces that can bring major attention to your website depending on what you are live streaming. If you have important industry events or other notable events that could be streamed in order to gain engagement from a worldwide audience, you might find that this is a successful content type to include with the rest of your content when possible.

While articles are still the mainstay and will always be important to offer, when you add in a mix of other content types you give your website excitement and added value, not to mention a more vibrant texture with the different types of visual content. This will help with all your other online marketing efforts and because your content becomes more sharable, internet users will become some of your biggest venues for free marketing.