Dive into the Deep End

There is never anything in marketing, both online and offline, that is a sure bet. The marketing process can sometimes come down to trial and error to see what works best for your business. There are times when the area you are from, the type of products and services you are marketing, and your own personal beliefs and morals will determine the marketing methods that you put to use. What works for business and business owner may not work well for another. The best that we can do is to “dive into the deep end” of the marketing pool and take a chance or two.

Some marketing methods are the “in your face” type that literally pushes your products and services at the customer, demanding that they make a choice in choosing your product over someone else’s. This does work for some businesses, but not for others. For example, would you want the maker of your favorite cereal to shove a new cereal down your throat? Of course you wouldn’t. You would rather sample it on your own and make a choice to buy or not to buy. However, some time sensitive products are best put in front of the buyer’s face in order to get them sold quickly. An overstock of inventory that has to be moved before new inventory comes in is one example. So the company puts their ads out there in the potential buyer’s face to reduce items that will have to be moved or stored elsewhere.

More often than not, humor and subtle innuendos work well for some businesses to sell products and services. You have probably caught yourself saying, “I saw a great advertisement the other day…” That brand or company found a way to reach you, and stay in your mind. You can bet that the great advertisement you saw was a result of trial and error. They took a leap of faith and tried something new. That is what your business has to do. Use a small part of your marketing budget to “test the water,” then dive in and try a few different methods to find the ones that are right for you.

Give us your experiences in your dive into the marketing pool. How was the water?