The New Google+ Layout

Your business is going to want to check into the new Google+ layout because having a robust presence on Google+ will help your business rank higher in Google search rankings. The new layout was just introduced this week and has an emphasis on images, which means sharing images in your circles and using search engine optimized descriptions for them can give you a significant boost in your search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts.

If your business hasn’t set up a Google+ profile yet, make it a point to do this as soon as possible. You need to first set up a personal account and can add a business account through that. Using all your business information, relevant branding images and being consistent with your business culture will help your business get started with Google+. Adding Google+ widgets to your business website will then allow customers to quickly +1 and add your business Google+ to their circles.

Remember that images are key and following the trend of the popularity of a more visually oriented web environment. Choose high quality images of your logo and other relevant images of your business. Some businesses will choose pictures of their products, staff members, actual building or other related content. Adding images of special events is also a great way to keep the interest going, especially if customers are highlighted at these events. Adding posting images, tips or other valuable content to your Google+ circles on the same schedule that you post to Facebook or Twitter will help optimize your efforts.

Along with redesigning Google+ to focus on image rich content, Trending and Suggestions were added which will help your business find “What’s hot” on your Google+ network. Being able to adjust your posts to what is currently the most popular in your Google+ circles will help get conversations started and will add more popularity to your Google+ business page.

As with any of your other business social media sites, the more people that are active on your site, the more attention your posts gets and the consistency of your activity on your Google+ page will add up to better search engine rankings, more people wanting to be involved on your page, and ultimately an increase of activity at your business website due to the activity and higher search engine placements. Also, because Google+ is growing by leaps and bounds getting involved now will help keep you ahead of your competitors who have not yet taken the time to become known in this social media network.