How to Create the Best Social Driven Content

Businesses are stumbling over the huge marketplace switch from being able to write about features and benefits of a product in the most professional way and being able to get the sale on that alone. Today, customers want to feel like a relationship has been built. They not only need to have a use for your product, but they need to feel comfortable on a personal level with who you are as a business. This requires writing in a way that appeals to potential customers at a personal level instead of just offering facts about what you offer by way of products or services.

Social driven content means to throw out industry jargon or publishing content that sounds purely professional, it means to write in your own voice and create personable content that is both engaging and educational. The most recent new way of talking about this content is called Story Driven Content and is being talked about as one of the most powerful means of online marketing. This type of content tells the story of your business in a way that keeps your social media followers interested in learning more. Think of it as a reality television story, without so much drama, but with the viral concept of letting the public have a more inside view of the day to day events in your business.

The better you know your audience, the more you can use language that will personally appeal to them. The younger the market is, the more informal you can be, while the older consumers will do better if you stick to a more “business casual” sort of approach. Also, if your product or service appeals more to women than men, then taking additional time with the descriptive language will help them feel as if they know your business better where men do not require the same amount.

When you start to create content that your target market feels is “real” and personal, they are going to warm up to your business and start to engage more than if you remain cold and formal. This is the best way to start to create success with your social media marketing efforts. Of course there is such as thing as too much sharing, so even though you are presenting your business on a more personal level, you are still a business and should keep that imagine in accordance with everything you publish at your social media profiles or your own website.