How to Increase Conversion Rates

You may have built a great business website, have fantastic social media marketing campaigns that create engagement and get tons of hits, but are people buying? Making money online is the reason that search engine optimization, content creation, and social media marketing is such a critical aspect in creating a powerful online presence. If your results aren’t turning into profit, then all that time and effort is nothing more than an exercise in vanity.

The first most important thing to look at when hoping to increase conversion rates is taking a close look at what products and services you are offering, if they are competitively priced and what benefits people will get when they purchase them. Letting people know what problems your products and services solve is crucial. A strong call to action is also crucial. If your marketing efforts aren’t ultimately leading to a call to action, whether it be to encourage people to visit your website from social media sites, for further lead generation or sales efforts, or giving them great reasons to buy now with discounts and promotions, then you need to rethink your online strategy.

Some businesses get caught up in the social aspects of online presence building to the point they are after as many click throughs as possible. But when these clicks don’t equate to sales they have little value. Chances are they do not even support your search engine optimization efforts either because people clicking through to your site and not becoming interested enough in your products and services to hang around for awhile will result in bounce rates that could ultimately damage your reputation with the search engines. Instead, focus on getting less clicks and more response from your direct target market. 100 clicks that don’t result in a sale is not nearly as valuable as 10 clicks and getting 2 sales. When you keep that in mind, it will help you build marketing and advertising campaigns that will focus more directly to your target market.

The next thing to do to increase your conversion rates is to make the entire process as seamless and natural as possible. A call to action should be placed on every page of your website, whether it’s a coupon or discount listed in the navigation, or another call to action at the end of each content piece. Then, have a sales page that is easy and quick to complete the order or lead generation process.

When you have the right elements in place and are appealing to the right people for your products and services you will see that the time and effort you spend on search engine optimization and social media marketing is exponentially more valuable. Your conversion rates will increase and your business will thrive in the online market.