How to Reach Your Market on Facebook

Social media marketing has some set rules, but for the most part, marketers are finding out as they go because of all the new developments that are constantly being made. Reaching millions of people becomes easier all the time, but reaching the ones that will actually support your business by buying your products and services can be a little trickier. There is nothing as unproductive as having a large base of followers that simply aren’t interested in what you have to offer. Ideally, focusing on few people that are more qualified as customers is going to be your best bet.

One way to advertise specifically to your target market is to create promotional event, contests and give aways that only they will be interested in. For example, while giving away free gas cards is hugely popular, you are likely to draw many people who just want the gas card without use for your products or services. On other hand, if you offer items that you know only your target market would be interested in, you have a much greater chance of gaining their attention. If you sell pet products, giving away a gift basket of pet goodies is going to draw pet owners and people without pets aren’t going to take the time to sign up because they don’t need what you are offering.

Another way to appeal better to your own market is to use Facebook ads that specifically target the demographic of who is mostly likely to purchase your offerings. There are segmentation options you can use to add a variety of demographics if your products appeal to a larger market. Using and also focusing on the market most likely to become new customers will increase your success a great deal rather than trying to stay as broad as possible in the hopes of attracting even more new patrons.

A successful method of engaging at other sites where your target market is likely to be active in is a way that only costs your time. To do this, use your Facebook business profile and “Like” other companies that are relevant to your industry but not direct competitors. In the example of selling pet supplies, you might want to get engaged with pet grooming pages. When people begin to know you on those sites, they are more likely to “Like” your page and continue on to be a customer.

When you keep all of your activities exclusive to appealing to those most likely to boost your business, you will be significantly more successful than trying to go out and be like by the whole world. Remember this for all engagement and advertising activities. Also, make sure and run analytics regularly to review what is working best and what you might need to adjust.