The Importance of Video for Social Media Marketing

While content is still and in the foreseeable future will remain as the King of internet success, video is right up there and nothing else goes along with great content like a video to help keep visitors at your site and engaged in the content you are adding. Most people prefer to watch a video than to read as well and if you offer entertainment it will double your effectiveness of people wanting to return to watch more. Video is also one of the fastest ways to rank higher in the search engines, specifically Google since it owns YouTube and secondly YouTube as it’s the second largest searched website in its own rights.

Adding a video, especially to your highest viewed landing pages will immediately capture visitor’s attention and stats are proving that people stay on sites longer when videos are offered as an alternative to reading, it will also give you a 53% higher opportunity to rank over your competition in Google’s search pages. Other statistics show that conversion rates go up significantly when there is a well placed call to action with a video. Along with the increased exposure, videos create better brand identity, especially when you make sure to brand them with your logo. Whether you create an animated introduction video for your own website or create a video that other websites embed on their own pages, your brand will get exposure at no extra cost to you.

When you upload a video to YouTube and also embed it at your website you have a great marketing tool that works double duty without additional effort from you or your staff members. With 300 million accounts on YouTube and many other viewing YouTube videos without an account, it makes it far easier to reach your target market especially when your video has important keywords included that your market is most likely to use to search for your products and services.

The best part about being able to increase visitor’s stay on your website, heighten exposure, raise faster in the search engines using videos is that they are easy to create. You can create a video in a matter of minutes with even just a cell phone camera or your web cam. While you want a good quality, web cams and camera phones have been known to create some of the most viral videos. This means you don’t have to go to a professional studio in order to create compelling videos that will boost your business revenue in big ways.