Infographics for Social Media Marketing Content

Infographics are those images you see that contain a specific amount of data in a creative and eye catching way. They include images such as graphs or pie charts and can be about any type of topic. The best designed ones are also highly viral and when they are shared by a lot of people they can create a burst of brand exposure for you business. They can also help set your site apart as an expert in the topic you are creating the infographics for, not to mention give a nice boost to your SEO efforts.

One thing that makes infographics so viral is their visual appeal and how people can quickly scan them to get the information they are looking for instead of having to read through an article. The more thoughtfully laid out they are and the higher quality images, the more likely people are to want to share the infographics with others.

When an infographic that’s embedded on your website gets shared through social media sites such as Pinterest, your URL will also be associated with it which give an automatic link back to your website. This can create a great deal more traffic without having to spend money for online advertising. When you make sure your logo is on the infographic, it will also help increase exposure for your brand and build familiarity that can lead to increased conversion rates.

To create the best infographic, you might want to hire a designer, but they can also be created in house if you have design abilities. You lay out the content in a flow chart design, include graphics, color coding and other eye catching elements along with the important information you want to share. You can include your business logo pretty much anywhere at all on the infographic. Make sure it is a clean and easy to read infographic though, some of them put so much information and design elements in they are more confusing than helpful.

Using infographics by embedding them on your website and then sharing them to your social media profiles will get the ball rolling for people to see it and share it with their followers. One well designed infographic can bring thousands of new visitors to your site. You will notice this success when you run analytic reports. Your next job will be to convert all those new visitors into paying customers.