Innovate, Not Procrastinate

I know that I always preach to do your research in your marketing strategy, but when you spend days on end searching the internet for information, writing down the numbers, and trying to figure out all of that information, you can overload your brain. Then you just stop in your tracks and you don’t get anything done at all. The only thing you have is a stack of papers that really aren’t telling you anything, except that you over-thought the whole process. Get the basics to start, and you can build from there. Remember that a building starts with a foundation. The rest of the designing and planning is put to use later.

That is the way you should build your business. You can do more research as you move along in your business, but if you don’t put the basics to work for you first, you won’t have that ever-so-important foundation you need to build on. Don’t get me wrong. Never stop your research. But you have to start in order to finish. Start with building your web site and getting it out there. You can always change and optimize it later. But if you wait until all of your research is done, you will have to start everything all over again, because times and technology will have changed.

While you are doing all of that research, keep building on what you have already. But don’t procrastinate in starting your marketing plan. Instead, innovate – find some ideas in the research you have already done and try them. You might be surprised at how well some of your new ideas can work for you. In addition, you will also learn what doesn’t work so that you can move on. Innovation is how you are finding the tips and hints that you are learning. Maybe you will find something that can teach someone else.

If you have, please share it here. Building a business is like building anything else. It is one step at a time. Share your steps with us.