It is All in Your Words

We have all seen some really great advertising in recent years, with some really great word play to bring a point home.  Did you ever wonder who writes those ads, or how they came up with those ideas?  I can tell you that most of those great ads were not done on the fly or even in a day.  Sometimes it can takes weeks to come up with a good idea that perfectly promotes the product and reaches the target audience.  But a good idea is only that:  a good idea.  Bringing it to life takes a creative mind that can put the words to the idea.

Sometimes we forget how words can impact someone, whether positive or negative.  Believe me this is REALLY important in any sort of marketing venture.  The advertisement you use in selling your product or service can make or break a business if the wording does not hold the attention of the reader.  Even if they do hold the reader, the meaning they get from the wording can make them walk away and never look back.  This, dear reader, means you have lost a sale and possibly created some bad press for yourself.  It’s been said that any publicity is good publicity, but this is not so in marketing.  Any bad publicity spreads faster than you can imagine, hurting your business even more.

So knowing the impact of words in your marketing efforts, let’s get to some tips that will help you get the word out.  First of all, lose the “I” mentality.  Remember that it’s all about “you.”  Giving personal attention to people tends to grab their attention, and if you keep giving them that attention in your ad, they will read it until the end.  Another hint is in how you word the actual product or service information.  I’m sure you know that potential customers don’t want to hear how your product is the “miracle of all miracles,” but rather how the product or service can help them accomplish a goal.  Give solid information, for instance, “in using this widget, your sales will increase by 20%.”  Realistic wording will hold someone’s attention longer than a bunch of fluff.

After presenting your product or service in a good way, your words should prompt the reader into a purchase, or at least to ask for more information.  Using phrases like “buy today to get 25% off” or “limited time offer that expires on [current date]” will get the reader’s brain churning.  If they have an interest in your product or service, they will either ask for more information or whip out the credit card and make an order.  This, my friends, is only the tip of iceberg in effective marketing.  Stay tuned, and give me your comments and share any advice you have for your fellow readers.