Key Performance Indicators for Social Media Marketing

As you regularly review your social media marketing analytics, there are key performance indicators that you should keep in mind. Along with those indicators, you also want to watch your conversion rates for the efforts you are making. The reason for this even though key performance indicators look great, if you aren’t increasing your bottom line, you may still need to adjust what you are doing. It could be that you have found out how to keep a great deal of followers engaged, but they are not followers that fall into your market demographics. When you are able to better justify your key performance indicators to how many new sales you are getting, then you can figure that you are on the right track.

The first thing you need is a comprehensive analytics program such as SEOPressor that will help you save time and effort when gathering the information you need for your analytic reports.

How to Create Your Social Media Strategy? Get your strategy in place before you start. Here are easy to follow steps that help you give your social media strategy a solid foundation. Next, set the key performance indicators you feel are the most important for your own business growth so you know what you are looking at and why you are looking. Obviously, keeping an eye on your visibility is important and should be an indicator to keep an eye on. Reviewing number of followers, fans, number of mentions, reach, inbound links, blog subscribers and other forms of interaction is important for this.

Another set of key performance indicators you might want to measure is how likely are followers to share your content and interaction with each other? These analytics will take amount of comments, Likes, shares, retweets, ratings and reviews in mind. If you see that these numbers are high and sales are low, you might want to consider what kind of content you are posting and consider adding more content that will attract your specific market.

Page bounce rates have a lot to do with how many visitors will convert into customers. This is another critical set of measurements to run and the key performance indicators will be variables such as the amount of pageviews your website is received, amount of unique visitors, traffic coming in from your social media network sites. While a great deal of visitors is important, what is more important is how long are they spending on your site and if they are making inquiries or purchases.

When you are looking at your key performance indicators and comparing them with your conversion rates, the true success of your efforts will start to become very clear. From that point, you can improve and adjust until these numbers are more in alignment with each other. At that point you will notice the true value of social media marketing.