Let Your Customers Click You to Success

A lot of internet business use Pay Per Click (PPC) ads to generate sales.  But it is in the content of those ads that can make or break that marketing campaign.  You could zip off nearly anything in your ad and still get a few clicks, but that isn’t going to pay the bills.  You need an ad that is effective and has the content that will draw in your customers.  If it doesn’t grab their attention, they are not going click on it, and definitely won’t be giving you a sale.

Here is the one thing that a lot of people leave out of their ads that can make all the difference:  Their keyword.  Sometimes only one word can make the difference between profit and loss.  Your keyword is what tells your potential customers that they have found the product or service they have been looking for, and yet some people forget to add it to their PPC ad in creating some compelling content.  Your ad should be a teaser to the actual sale, with your keyword being the hint at better things to come.  That’s why it is important to find the right one, and make sure you use it.

PPC ads are short and to the point, so the content has to reach out grab your customer.  For example, if you were looking for “How to Start Your Internet Business,” and you found an ad that says “Start Here,” you probably wouldn’t click on it.  You have to be able to set your ad apart from the other thousands that are out there.  The keyword you choose for the TYPE of internet business you advertise will help to do that.  Your ad will be shown above your competition, netting you the sale instead of them.

Share examples of your PPC ads with us as examples of some eye-catching ad content.  Not only might you help all of us learn, but you just might get a click-through or two.