The Meaning of Internet Marketing

This site is all about internet marketing.  But most people see that method as only a way to earn a profit.  There is more to the concept.  However, there are a lot of people that will not grasp that concept.  So let me explain it here.

Internet marketing is about being able to know people and how they react to advertising, and in what they perceive what it is that they need.  That is your key.  If you cannot reach those audiences then your efforts will basically be worthless.  Do you really know who your audience is?  Do you know what they are looking for?  Do you have the product or service they need?

Internet marketing is not just about advertising what you want to sell to someone.  It is about providing a product or service that fills a need.  In all honesty, it is about being honest with your consumers and providing exactly what you tell them you will provide.  If you are less than honest, your business will suffer for that.  You cannot offer a product or service that will not reflect well on you or offer a benefit to your consumer.  So it is important to look at your business plan in deciding your products or services and your intention in helping people.  Are you advertising products or services that simply make a dollar or something that will actually give a service to people?  You have to consider that fact in your business plan.

For some people, internet marketing in some product they have never used before works fine for them for a time.  But if you want long-term results, you must consider the product or service you offer.  There are a lot of times that internet browsers can hit your website, but if they find you less than reputable, they’ll just click away and move on.  There are no sales there.  No matter how many pretty graphics or flashing headlines you have, if you are not offering something that the public wants the clicks and sales will not be there.

Internet marketing is not only about finding a way to profit from your efforts.  It is about providing a product or service that fills a need for mankind.  When you find that, you find your niche in this fickle market.

If you have tips or ideas for your fellow marketers, please post them here.  It’s a sure bet that you are not the only one looking for ideas and advice on this site.