Online Marketing Blog Tips

Online marketing blog tips may seem like a low priority with all the other social media activities to pursue. But blogging strategically, will become the engine behind social media marketing and online presence success. While social media marketing is a business necessity, a blog is the driving force that compels people to visit your site. Every time you post an article to your blog, you have something to post to your social media sites to stay engaged with followers. When visitors come to your site, you have the opportunity to further market to them in ways that is frowned upon at the social media sites.

Most websites offer Blog integration using WordPress, or you can set an entire website up using WordPress alone. WordPress is used by top name brands more than any other blogging platform. It walks you through an easy set up process including a choice of templates and what design styles you want. Many businesses will hire someone to fully customize their WordPress site for them using professional logos and additional branding to set their WordPress site apart from the rest.

When you have your blog set up, start posting. The most successful blogs post daily or at least once a week. Keep blog posts targeted to what is relevant to your products or services. Blog posts are most successful when they are between 300 and 500 words. Readers do not want to read articles that are too long, and if they are too short the search engines will not pick up on them. Use keywords in your titles and articles to further enhance search engine optimization for your blog.

You can integrate many of your social media sites into your WordPress blog so that they are updated every time you post. Adding your blog RSS feed to LinkedIn, integrating with Facebook and Twitter will automatically publish links back to your site from your profile page. This will let others click through to your site to read your latest information. Other integration features that are valuable to add to your WordPress blog is the option to like your Facebook page, allow users to +1 your posts on Google +, and a variety of other options that will encourage others to remain engaged in your site.

Online marketing blog tips will help you build your business. You may want to hire a writer to create blog posts for you. Having a professional that can keep your blog current and compelling for readers, and optimized for the search engines will free up your time to focus on other online marketing tasks.

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