Plan Your Strategy

Internet marketing takes more than having a product and posting somewhere that you have it.  It takes a bit of effort on your part in planning a marketing strategy.  If you don’t have a plan in place, you will keep running yourself in circles trying to get your product noticed and increase your sales.  Not only is this counter-productive, but you might even lose sales and repeat customers if your marketing strategy is not properly handled.  You have to find the methods that work the best for you, since no two product niches are the same in their marketing needs.

That being said, all product niches have one thing in common.  If no one knows about your business, you won’t make any sales.  So the over-all picture in marketing is to get the word out there, both online and offline.  Many internet marketers forget about telling offline people that they have a business, missing out on the sales they could generate.  For example, if you sell informational eBooks, having some of them available in hardcopy can create sales for people that don’t frequent the internet but are interested in the material you are selling.

Marketing your site as well as your internet products offline is only one strategy in your marketing plan.  You shouldn’t “put all of your eggs in one basket” by depending on one method, online or offline, in selling your products.  You should try several methods at one time, tracking their effectiveness over a period of time.  If there is one that is not cost-effective and is not improving your internet visibility and sales, it’s time to let go of it and move on to another method.

There are many to explore and we will continue this discussion in our next post.  Please leave your comments and suggestions here for others in order to help them with your experience.