Reasons to Why You Must Go for Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming a more popular way to pursue social media marketing success. Videos uploaded to YouTube get almost instantaneous visibility in the search engines, especially Google. Because of this, creating compelling videos that will be of interest to your target market and using them in combination with your other social media marketing strategies can create amazing results in helping to build your online presence.

Many businesses shy away from creating videos because they think the production costs will be too much for their marketing budgets, but it is free to produce a video and you do not even need a video camera. Creating videos of PowerPoint presentations or other presentations is a popular and easy way to publish videos that your target market will appreciate. Or, many people will use their web cameras or even smart phones and record videos talking about any number of topics that will inform, entertain or encourage activity from others.

A few of the reasons videos are becoming so popular is they allow for a more personal approach for introducing your business to potential new customers. When people see you on a video, they feel more like they know you and your business. When people feel like they personally know you, they have a higher trust level which is needed in order to make purchases.

The best practices to creating videos that you can use for your social media marketing efforts is to keep them focused on what your target market will most value. For example, if you are a business that caters to professional women, videos that help them get and stay organized and motivated will be of benefit to them. Keep videos short to keep people’s attention. It is better to break a lot of information up into a series of 5 minute videos than to produce an hour long video. Plus, a series of articles will give you the opportunity to use additional keywords for better search engine optimization efforts.

When you upload a video to YouTube, you can then embed it at your site, share it on your social networking sites and otherwise market it.  This will increase the exposure for your video and for your business website and other social media sites. People will start to become more engaged when they are able to see you personally talking about the benefits of your products and services which will result in an increase of business.