Reddit for Online Sales Results

Reddit is a social media site which is starting to grow in popularity in significant ways and might be the next best place for your business to choose to become engaged with in order to increase brand awareness and help stimulate sales growth. Reddit terms itself as “The Front Page to the Internet” and while it has been mainly perused by college kids and techy types, it has been going mainstream. From the looks of it, it could give some of the other major social media sites a run for their money before much longer.

Reddit is a bit different than the other social media sites in that it is a social news site. It allows users to post content, discuss the content and vote on it. “Karma” points are awarded to users as they engage. These points are also used to weed out spammers from bombarding readers. What this means for your business is to post interesting news and don’t come across as promotional or your account will be limited.

This social news sharing network is not the most attractive of all the social media networks and it can be a little confusing. But basically you can read through posts, make comments, create your own posts and create sub-Reddits which is how some businesses are finding a great way to get engaged with their target market. A sub-Reddit can be about any topic under the sun and will naturally appeal to Reddit users that are interested in learning new information, news and get into discussions with others about that topic. Encouraging users to submit their own content to this sub-Reddit is a popular way to keep users engaged and create more popularity.

Another way businesses are using Reddit is to publish online calendar of events and other company news, making it a social environment for staff members and the business’s target market to make use from. Publishing important FAQs, reviews and other information that is relevant and important is also helpful.

To help cross promote on Reddit, add a Reddit sharing icon at your website so other Reddit users can share information from your site as well. Posts from outside of your own business, about your business always carry the most weight. As far as engaging with those comment on your post and commenting and liking other Reddit posts is just the same as if you were using Facebook or Twitter, respond timely and make sure and log in often for the best results.