2 Simple Steps to Creating A FaceBook Business Page

Whether you run an online-only business, or you run a business in real life, you should definitely focus on harnessing some traffic from FaceBook. Having a FaceBook business page will enable you to reach millions of people, and can launch your business to new heights. Therefore, I am going to give you some simple steps to help you set up a FaceBook business page.

1.       Sign up On FaceBook

Whenever you go to set up your FaceBook business account, make sure that you put your business into the right category. Making sure you choose the right category is crucial, because it will rank you higher in relevant searches, and give you relevant information fields on your page. Keep in mind when setting up your account that your category and name cannot be changed. If you goof-up, you will have to delete the page and start over.

2.       Fill Out All of The Forms

There’s nothing worse than a blank FaceBook page that seems if it has been neglected. Make sure you upload an image, which will usually be your business logo, because that will serve as your main visual representation. Make sure you fill out all the basic information, so people know what you’re about. Also, make sure you fill out the ‘About’ section properly. You can use this section to give out information about yourself, products, services, or whatever you want. Just make sure you fill out everything, that way it makes your page look more professional, and people will trust you more with a full page, rather than a blank page with only your business logo on it.

With these simple steps, you should be able to get a proper FaceBook business page up. If you have a business page and tips you would like to share, please leave some comments below this post.