Some Tips That Will Keep Your Visitors From Leaving Your Landing Page

Passing the blink test is quite possibly one of the most important things when it comes to landing pages. The blink test is basically the first three seconds that a visitor to your website spends on the page, and what he can see, and what the page will offer him or her. The user originally went to your landing page, because they had a very vague idea of what they could do on your page. Once they are actually on your page, it is your job to make it extremely clear to them what they can do on your page. You should have a clear headline, call-to-action, and a form should be provided above the fold.

Too many distractions is a bad thing! When your user goes to your page you should let them focus on the task at hand, instead of having a cluttered page that distracts them from what you want them to do. If you have flash ads, or a video on the page you are dropping the ball. Make the page pleasant, but do not make it distracting to your visitor.

Avoid using lengthy forms. If your form is way too long your visitor is not going to fill like it’s worth the effort to complete the form in its entirety, and they will eventually leave your website. There is definitely a fine line between gathering enough information, and trying to gather way too much information. Find your sweet spot and begin to work from there. Only gather information that is 100% necessary and don’t ask for much more.

If you have any other tips that can improve a landing page and keep visitors from abandoning it please list your tips below in our comments section.