Three Steps to Social Media and Online Marketing Success

Social media and online marketing for businesses is becoming a necessary part of a successful overall marketing scheme, yet many businesses are still floundering in the dark not knowing exactly how or where to begin their own social media and online marketing efforts. If you are one of those businesses, you will find these three steps to social media and online marketing success an easy and effective way to start gaining an edge on your competition.

SAM is the three steps to social media and online marketing success. Who or what you may wonder is SAM? SAM stands for Strategic Planning, Authorship and Mechanics. Using these three steps, any business will be able to create an effective and successful online and social media marketing practice. Starting with S (Strategic Planning), get to the drawing board and create a plan that will strategically position your business as a valuable online resource. This plan should include where to focus online efforts such as your own business website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites, what content should be posted, how often and any other particulars important to your business culture.

Authorship is the next part of social media and online marketing success using SAM. Authorship is as important to your business as your logo is, it identifies your business culture, assures originality of posting and content and represents the executive management team, which users will expect to have represented on your website and social media sites. Even if the CEO does not actually post, whoever is posting should represent the business with the CEO personality and image.

After Authorship, Mechanics is the last part of the SAM three steps to social media and online marketing success. The mechanics of doing the actual upkeep, responses and postings to social media sites and content creation for on and off the business website needs to be consistent. Another part of the mechanics could be to assign particular staff member’s duties such as seeking out social media partnerships and new friends.

You will find when you implement SAM into your business operations that social media and online marketing success becomes an easy three step method to follow. Make sure and report, track and adjust all parts of these three steps to assure the best conversion rates for your efforts. Strategic Planning, Authorship and Mechanics will put your online business activities to the top of the competition quickly and efficiently.