Three Things You Must Produce Consistently to Succeed Online

Obviously your business needs a great web presence that is search engine optimized for Google and Bing. Social media profiles, advertising and marketing are also efforts you need to stay focused on. But there are three things that you need to produce consistently in order to stay at the forefront of your competition. Those three things all revolve around content. Content is King and will remain that way. It’s how you keep your social media followers interested and engaged in order to gain social proof, it’s how the search engines determine you are a relevant and valuable resource to rank highly in their engines, and it sets you apart as the “go to” business for the types of products or services you sell.

Written content is the first most important thing you need. Using specific keywords that will directly target your market, writing valuable content is the single most important thing you can do. Gone are the days where just writing a bunch of keyword phrases and packing them into junky articles. Instead, you want to aim for high quality content that is relevant and compelling. How to articles, tutorials, the latest news and other types of articles are perfect choices no matter what type of products or services you sell. For the best results, keep them entertaining and use header paragraphs, bulleted lists and images to break the content up for quick and easy reading.

Images are the next important part of the content you should be producing. Sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are a firsthand example at how powerful images can be to compel, engage and keep people’s interest. No matter what sort of business you have, offering high quality images by way of photos, infographics, charts and graphs can go a long way in proving how relevant and important you are to the search engines while also appealing to your audience.

Finally, you can’t forget video. Having videos to go along with your written content and images will offer site visitors and your social media followers a well rounded online experience with your business. Luckily, videos are simple to publish even with a camera phone. Also, since YouTube is owned by Google, uploading videos to YouTube and embedding them on your site can increase your search engine rankings significantly. Keep them under four minutes, entertaining and educational for the best results.