Tighten Up Your Checkout

With your web site up and running smoothly, and all of your content and ads in place, it’s time to do a bit of tweaking to be sure you get those conversions at the checkout.  After all, it does no good to get visitors to your site if they don’t complete their purchase.  There are a lot of times that people will fill their shopping carts then click away from your site.  That’s the last thing you want to see.  So here are a few ideas to get those purchases completed.

1.       Provide an option to “Check Out Now.”  When someone finds the products they want and adds them to the shopping cart, make sure they have the option to check out right away.  If they aren’t done shopping, they will continue to browse.  But if they are done, you want to get them to checkout before they can change their mind about the purchase.

2.      Don’t ask for an account setup before checkout.  Some shoppers will not purchase from a site that requires them to create an account in order to check out.  Allow for a Guest checkout, and if they like your site and your products, they will come back and create an account at another time.

3.      Get only information needed for purchase.  If you are asking for more information than you need for their purchase, you are distracting them from checkout.  Also, a lot of people don’t like to give a lot of personal information.

4.      Remove the distractions.  Once the customer gets to the checkout page, make sure there are no buttons or links to take them away from that page.  Removing the distractions will keep them focused on the goal of making their purchase, and you will be more likely to get those credit card numbers.

Another suggestion is to test your check out for yourself to see if there are any areas where your customers may get bogged down in the process.  Making it as easy as possible to make a purchase with get you more of them.

There are some sites that have already followed this advice, and if you know a few of them please share them here so we can learn from example.