Tips on Improving Your Click Through Ratio

If you are in internet marketing, and you run pay-per-click ads, you probably have a burning desire to increase your click through ratio. Therefore, I am going to give you some simple tips that should be able to help you increase you click through ratio, and get people clicking the ads on your website, so you make more money online.

  • Make Use of Symbols

If you want to increase your click through ratio, try to use symbols in your ads. For instance, using the registered or trademark symbol in your ads has been a proven way to increase the click through ratio on those ads.

  • List the price in the headline

If you want to increase the click through ratio on your ads, consider listing the price of the product in the headline of the ad. However, if your prices are higher than most of your competitors, you could actually worsen your click through ratio.

  • Holiday Headlines

There are so many different holidays, and festivities that you can take complete advantage of. For instance, if it is around Christmas time, make sure you put Christmas sale in your ads headline. It will undoubtedly increase your click through ratio.

Just by putting these three tips to use in the ads on your website you should be able to increase your click through ratios quite dramatically. You will be surprised at how these three little tips can help you out, and get you to making more money online. If you have any tips, please let us know by leaving a comment in the section below this post. We would love to hear your thoughts, or your opinions, especially if you have tried these techniques yourself. Let us know how they worked for you, or if they did not work for you at all.