Twitter for Great Customer Experience

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites and if your business does not have a Twitter account yet, you will want to sign up and start using it right away. Twitter can be a powerful online tool for improving your overall customer experience practices including customer service, feedback, support and marketing. Creating a great customer experience will not only keep your customer’s coming back, you will also gain a definite edge over your competition because happy customers talk and help you with word of mouth marketing.

Because Twitter is an instantaneous social media tool, it helps your customer service staff to respond immediately to customers instead of using email or phones. This immediate response will create trust in your customers that your business is there for them. They are also more apt to quickly retweet how impressed they are with the immediate response offering some valuable marketing to your business.

Make sure that you replicate a face to face experience with your customers as much as possible when using Twitter as part of your customer experience practices. This means that your Twitter bio should be completely filled in with pertinent information along with other ways customers can contact your business. Use a real face instead of your logo for the profile picture. You would be amazed at how much more approachable and human your business will seem when it is showing up as a person and not an impersonal branding icon.

When communicating with customers on Twitter, use direct messages as often as possible. These direct messages are more personal and are especially important if you are dealing with any sort of customer complaint or issue. Otherwise you can use the “@” symbol and your customer’s Twitter name to communicate with them on the regular Twitter feed. This allows all others to see the post, which can be helpful if it is acknowledging a happy customer.

When you use Twitter for great customer experience practices you will notice that you begin to get many more Twitter followers and exposure for your business. Keeping your Twitter profile personalized to your business, with a personal profile picture will let others get used to seeing your business brand and still feel like they are talking to a real person. Have one or two dedicated staff members to keep Twitter response time to less than five minutes by using direct messages or “@” replies to all customers and potential new customers.