Video Marketing Strategies

Internet video marketing has gained in popularity in recent years.  A lot of internet marketers are doing it or planning on doing it soon.  A quick browse around the internet on popular business blogs or product sales pages will show you the growing number of marketing videos that are popping up everywhere.  Just as with social networking, guest blogging, and other popular traffic generation strategies, video marketing can make you a lot of money if you do it right.

First of all, you have to get outrageous.  Your video viewers don’t want to watch you sitting behind you desk talking about your latest product.  Not only will your video be totally ineffective, but your viewers will never share it on their social networks for more traffic.  Do something that is a bit off-the-wall and original.  Remember that you have a lot of competition out there, so give your viewers a good reason to share your video.

The second tip is not to be too cheap.  There are some low-cost or free solutions out there for making your videos, but they could turn out looking rather amateurish or of low quality.  If you want to take advantage of video marketing, you might as well do it right.  Invest in a high quality camera and some good editing software.  You won’t have to spend a fortune, but it will show in your video quality.

Finally, make sure you script your video.  More than likely, you aren’t a professional actor, and have never starred in a movie.  So don’t just step in front of the camera and wing it.  You have to know exactly what you want to say and do in order to hold your viewers attention and make the video look more professional.  Practice your scripting until you get it just right and then turn on the camera.  After you publish your video, let us know how well you did by posting your experiences here.